AI chatbots as a customer service and support tool


  • Elitza Stoilova Entrepreneur


chatbots, conversational AI, customer service, customer support, AI chatbot, automation, digital transformation, chatbot challenges, chatbot usage results


COVID-19 pandemic put the focus of businesses on the need for digitalisation and automation of customer service, support, and providing self-service solutions to adapt to the fast-changing business environment and customers’ expectations and needs. Chatbots were already taking a place at the top of the list of business solutions when the pandemic and the usage of conversational AI made them a must-have to help businesses solve various challenges. The paper presents three case studies for using chatbots by customers of Umni, a no-code platform for creating, managing, and training AI chatbots, that reveal how chatbots are helping businesses, employees, and customers through instant assistance and routine automation.



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